Why do you need likes on Instagram?

All social media users have heard the word “like”. Beginners do not always know what Instagram likes give and how to get them?

Like is a kind of “currency” of the social network, which makes it clear how much your content “reaches” the audience. If photos, videos, records, stories are interesting to the public, they collect thousands of likes.

Site users, social network algorithms, as well as advertisers pay attention to the number of positive marks. Why? Let’s talk about the benefits of like in more detail.

Account popularity indicator

An approving rating demonstrates the user’s disposition for publication and speaks of his sympathy. If a person puts a heart under a post, he expresses interest.

On Instagram, each reader can rate any content in the form of hearts. Today, likes are an important indicator of the popularity of posts and the profile as a whole on the same level as the number of followers.

If you plan to monetize your stay on the site and want to attract the attention of a large audience, you cannot do without like under posts. You will have to put in a lot of effort to collect “likes” yourself or use the services of the Cubixpanel website. Paid or free promotion will help you stand out from the competition and get into the TOP IG. This is the promotion method that leads to success.

The fact is that a ranked feed has been working on a social network for a long time. What does it mean? Not all followers see your messages and new publications. As soon as a post gets a lot of views, likes and comments, the Instagram algorithm understands that it is an interesting post and shows it to a large number of people. When a message is ignored, Instagram rates it as uninteresting content. As a result, the post is seen by few site users.

Site algorithms do not delete a post. They relegate it to the background. At the same time, the entries of competitors who were able to collect likes by any means come out on the first lines.

Now you understand what likes on Instagram mean. It’s a shame when you publish interesting messages, and the posts attract little attention. Paid likes from the CubixPanel service will help to correct the situation. This is an easy option to increase the indicator on the counter in the first hours after posting and promote the post in the feed. Paid boosting will provide a quick increase in “I like it” and help you achieve your goals. Which ones?

Increasing reach

Increasing the coverage in IG is a goal pursued not only by beginners, but also by experienced bloggers. With a low like rate, no one sees the post. This means that followers will not know about your product, service or new contest. The fewer people in the know, the less sales. Do you want to outperform competitors, successfully sell products or services, or make money on advertising? In this case, you need likes. They directly affect reach rates. It is not only the number of positive ratings that matters, but also the time of their appearance.

The more likes appear in the first 30-40 minutes after posting, the higher the chances for the post to rise in the feed and be in the TOP Instagram posts.

Why increase reach? To increase the level of engagement of the audience, which in the future can become a buyer of products.

If you still do not understand why put like, go to the CubixPanel website. The corresponding section of the service catalog provides detailed information about the benefits of likes.


Have you just created a new project? In this case, likes from Cubixpanel will be an excellent support for a newbie profile. They will help set the desired vector for the development of the page and attract the target audience.

People pass by new accounts. At the same time, promoted projects, where there are many followers, thousands of likes and comments, arouse the natural interest of the public. Want to support your work? Hurry up to add hearts using paid or free methods. The probability of achieving goals and reaching the same level with the top bloggers of the age is many times.

Affiliate promotion

Do you use Instagram to sell products or services? Do you plan to cooperate with advertisers? Is your account a personal blog where you share ideas and thoughts? In this case, you also need like. They will help develop the page so that other users offer affiliate promotion and mutual free PR.

As soon as the profile reaches good performance, the number of proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation will increase significantly.

The thing is that with a partnership, rarely anyone is interested in coverage. Users look at the number of followers, likes and comments. If the indicator on the counter is minimal, no one will want to cooperate with you. In this case, you will have to work further in order to please with your creativity, a couple of friends at the university and work colleagues.


Agree, it is much more pleasant to work and publish content that readers react to. Like in IG is feedback from subscribers. Thanks to the hearts, the owner of the page can understand what the audience likes. It is important for authors to form a positive image so that posts receive fair feedback. Otherwise, posting interesting information does not make sense. Why waste time and effort if no one responds to messages?

It is always difficult for the user to put the first heart under the entry. It is much easier to express your emotions under the post, where there are already a lot of positive ratings. Why not help yourself? It is enough to buy the first likes on the Cubixpanel website so that the public will more willingly mark posts in the future.

Cheat «I like» with the help of an automatic program is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to collect a lot of likes under publications in a short time and achieve popularity in just a few days.

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