Masslooking on Instagram - new opportunities for promotion

Masslooking is one of the methods of promoting stories on Instagram. Mass viewing of stories has become popular not so long ago. This article discusses in detail the main features of masslooking, as well as ways to promote on instagram.


Mass viewing has many advantages and opportunities for promoting a profile on a social network. For example, with the help of masslooking, you can view several thousand stories in one day.


Masslooking is quite effective in increasing the popularity of the page. The main factor is viewing stories. Many users of the social network prefer to watch Stories rather than scroll through and read publications. This is due to time savings and great interest in live content.


With constant mass viewing, you can get banned. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to reduce the number of views — no more than 10 thousand per day.
Special statistical services will help determine the effectiveness of masslooking. After installation, the application analyzes and shows the overall activity, the percentage increase in the audience.

Why choose masslooking?

Masslooking refers to viewing the stories of other users. All the work is done by a robot under your account. The main goal of mass viewing is to attract an audience, promote a profile on Instagram.

Due to the high popularity and opportunities of Instagram stories, mass looking is one of the most effective methods of promotion today. With the help of mass viewing, you can quickly increase the audience. It is recommended to use this method for novice entrepreneurs or with a small number of followers.

Attracting followers

Masslooking allows you to attract and interest new users.
The main task is to have regular original posts. Mass viewing is the ability to quickly and effectively grow the audience on your Instagram page.

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