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How to make a giveaway on Instagram?

There are many ways to promote your IG account. The main thing is to attract the attention of the audience. It is necessary to attract new subscribers to the profile. Otherwise, the posts will go unnoticed. How to do it? Contests can be held to increase the recognition and popularity of the page. This is an effective promotion tool. How to make a giveaway on Instagram? Step by step instructions will help you. Depending on the format, using the tool it is possible to:

  • Raise the level of engagement.
  • Increase activity.
  • Attract followers.
  • Increase awareness.

STEP 1: Choose a prize for the winner

Social media users love all kinds of gifts. Your task is to offer the audience a valuable prize. Don’t force people to do difficult things. The simpler the terms, the better.

Do you have your own online store in IG? An excellent gift will be a product from the assortment. It is more difficult for those who offer services or intangible things. Let’s take a simple example of a contest.

The beautician decided to please the public and play with cosmetics. People from different regions will want to take part in the event. After participation, they are unlikely to come to the procedures to a specialist and immediately issue an unsubscribe.

Competitions all over the country will not bring many potential buyers and customers, but they will help raise statistics: increase engagement, increase the level of activity.

What other interesting gift options can be offered to participants? Bloggers and trainers who help you lose weight can give you free participation in a marathon or a couple of workouts. A great idea for a psychologist is a present in the form of a book. Do you have gift ideas? Offer participants household appliances, a smartphone, or money. These are win-win options that always work.

STEP 2: Determine the type of draw

На следующем этапе следует выбрать вариант конкурса. Здесь возможны разные вариации. Наиболее эффективными среди блогеров считаются следующие варианты.

Subscribe to sponsor accounts

The first thing that comes to mind when a user arranges a giveaway. Giveaway is the most popular contest format with which you can attract the maximum number of followers. Giveway suits mainly young projects that are just starting their development.

The algorithm is quite simple. Most often we are talking about a popular blogger with an audience of many thousands. Another invet participant is a sponsor who plans to increase the army of fans in the profile and is ready to pay money for participation.

Does the organizer offer an expensive gift and a lot of subscriptions? In this case, there will be several sponsors. They will chip in for advertising and a blogger and the purchase of a valuable present.

Top opinion leaders most often offer iPhones, money, cars, and even apartments for Instagrammers. A person who wants to become a winner must perform several actions:

  • Subscribe to all sponsor profiles.
  • Tag a few friends in the comments.
  • Like the last few posts.

Tasks for participants can be very diverse: write a review, repost in stories. Giveaways are held for a wide audience. Their terms and conditions should be simple and clear. With their help, you can recruit thousands of new followers.

The main disadvantage of such a promotion tool is that in the first hours after the announcement of the results, about 30-40% of novice followers are described.

Do you want to host an event? Choose a well-known blogger with a proven reputation as the organizer, who has a similar audience. In this case, the likelihood of getting loyal followers is much greater.

Like a post

Like contests are the most popular. They are simple and understandable to people. Such an event is easy to organize and conduct. The main goal of the event is to attract followers. The results of the drawing will depend on the initial popularity of the page, as well as the cost of the present.

The main condition that participants must fulfill is to put like on several publications. An increase in the number of likes will increase activity in the profile, create the appearance of content popularity.

Giveaway on comments

Another popular version of the contest, where you need to write a review under the publication. With its help, you can involve not only new, but also old followers in promotion and communication.

The winner of the event, who fulfill the conditions, is selected randomly. Do you want people not to doubt your honesty? Choose proven randomizers.

Popular programs don’t just pick a winner, they also:

  • Check if the conditions are met.
  • Analyze the total number of participants.
  • Mark the most active users.
  • Give statistics on subscriptions and unsubscribes.
  • Allows you to save the results of the feedback contest.

Photo and hashtag

The conditions of the competition of this format are more difficult for Instagrammers. It’s not enough to like someone else’s photo or write a few words under the video. You need to create your own content. The easiest option is a photo with a hashtag.

How to organize such an event? It takes a little more effort. Picking a winner will be more difficult. You can do this randomly or by evaluating the quality of the content.

Such a promotion tool can be used if you already have a fairly popular account and a good level of recognition. Your task is to come up with a unique tag and ask followers to upload their photos with it. The author of the most original thematic picture receives a present.

STEP 3: Define the rules of the contest on Instagram

It is necessary to decide how long the repost contest or other draw will last. The more expensive the gift, the more time the audience should be given to fulfill the conditions. During the event, you should constantly remind people about the event and stir up interest in all possible ways. Is the prize not very expensive? 5 to 7 days will be enough to hold the event.

After that, the rules of participation should be clearly stated. They should be simple and understandable for a person. Instagrammers are reluctant to fulfill complex conditions that require more than 2-3 minutes of time.

STEP 4: Compose an advertising post about the draw and distribute it

How to get the public interested? An advertising post for participants about the event should be bright and attractive. For this you need:

  • Take a nice picture of a gift. A person is unlikely to be interested in a blurry picture. He will scroll through such a photo and not read the information.
  • Write a description. The conditions should be prescribed as detailed as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings and claims from the participants. It is necessary to indicate not only the title, but also the offer (prize), conditions, special instructions (for example, no more than 10 comments from one user), the method of choosing the winner.

The jury or the organizer can choose the person who will receive the gift. Do not forget to clearly state on what parameters the selection will be carried out.

STEP 5: Choose a winner

There are two ways to determine the person who won:

  • Through a random number generator. A relatively outdated method that some bloggers still use. The participant is assigned a number. The program determines one number. This instagramer gets the prize.
  • With the help of a special program. There are many services online that are easy to use. It is enough to indicate the link on the site, select the necessary parameters and click the button. Special software selects winners by tags or comments.


In order for the event to bring maximum benefit, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • choose trusted organizers if you are a sponsor. It is worth choosing a blogger with real followers with similar interests;
  • use only unique tags. Otherwise, the winner may be a complete stranger;
  • regularly remind about the event so that more people can take part in it. Periodically repeat the announcement of the event;
  • create the most simple conditions;
  • ask the winner to take a photo with a gift and post it on their profile to increase the level of confidence in the next events. Be sure to ask the person for permission to post it.
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