How to get more views on Instagram?

How to get more views on Instagram is the main question of platform influencers. The number of views, like other indicators, affects the number of promotional offers. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to increase the number of views on Instagram, share promotion tips and analyze the basic concepts related to the platform.

3 terms for view counting

Not only the “Views” indicator allows you to calculate the number of “views”, but also other indicators: reach and impression. Regular users may not understand what this is about, but commercial accounts already use 3 terms to simplify their activities on Instagram:

  • Views is an indicator that shows the number of users who saw the post.
  • Reach is the unique number of views. One such user impression is equal to one reach unit.
  • Impression is the total number of impressions.

If the user saw the post and reviewed it 4 more times, then the impression number is 5, and the reach is 1.

Why do you need Instagram views?

The number of «views» helps increase user engagement and drive other metrics up. The more impressions you have, the more earnings you will receive. The number of impressions is a trigger that will trigger an increase in other indicators: likes, comments, saves.

How to increase video views on Instagram?

According to statistics, users pay more attention to videos than to posts with a picture or text. Keep this in mind when planning your marketing or using ways to boost impressions. Ways to increase the number of impressions:

  • post videos at the right time;
  • use relevant hashtags.

We advise you to share your video with friends and acquaintances. From them you will get real criticism and will be able to improve your videos.

How to increase views on IGTV?

How to get more impressions on IGTV is another influencer question. Try these methods:

  • talk about your IGTV in your other posts;
  • host a live broadcast about your IGTV;
  • create attractive covers.

Use one of these methods, and you will come to success.

How to get more views on stories?

Let’s say thanks to Snapchat for the idea with stories: after all, there is never a superfluous additional source of content. Use these methods:

  • use stickers;
  • shoot breathtaking landscapes;
  • enable location tags.

Stories are a time-limited post. The authors put a different meaning into them than regular posts, so use “stories” wisely.

How to increase the number of profile views on Instagram?

The «views» indicator shows the total number of impressions from all users: subscribers, random viewers, users who came through the link. Our tips for improving your profile and content:

  • optimize your profile: title, description, hashtags;
  • constantly post new content and communicate with the audience.

Follower engagement shows that your account is alive and relevant to a new audience, so the algorithms will rank it better.

Services to increase views on Instagram

Boost sites are used to quickly increase the number of views on videos, IGTV, stories and regular posts. The Cubixpanel service generates high-quality and cheap indicators on Instagram using offers (real people) and bots. The latter have a feature that distinguishes us from other cheat sites: we have developed our own software algorithm that imitates the actions of a live user. Therefore, moderation skips our cheating, not paying attention to the jump in indicators.

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