How to communicate with followers on Instagram to increase their activity?

The more active the followers in the Instagram account are, the faster it is promoted. Posts are increasingly coming to the top, which means that new and new followers naturally appear. This is especially true for owners of commercial accounts — entrepreneurs, bloggers, creative individuals. At first, it’s wiser to order a paid boost of followers on Instagram. And when the first thousand followers appear, it is worth stimulating their activity not only by regularly publishing high-quality content, but also by competent communication with them.

15 Tips to Increase Follower Engagement on Instagram

  • Ask followers questions and ask them to give answers in the comments. For example, you can post a photo of the Coliseum, talk about visiting it and ask: “What is your favorite place in Rome”? From this point of view, questions are especially good, answering which, followers will show their competence in any field. For example, if you sell power tools, you can show photos of two screwdrivers and ask followers to suggest which one is better to assemble a cabinet with.
  • Come up with games. They can be absolutely anything. Connect fantasy. For example, if you have a travel blog, you can take some object (rock, river, building, etc.) and arrange a game in the comments — who will quickly name the place where the photo was taken. Also, followers may like something like a game of cities. For example, if you have a food delivery company, invite followers to write the names of dishes by analogy with cities.
  • Periodically publish unfinished posts with a possible continuation. For example, you can tell a story and interrupt it at the most interesting place, promising that you will post a sequel if it gets, for example, at least 200 comments or 3333 likes. Or announce that you will publish the second part in a few hours/days.
  • Create posts in the «before and after» style. For example, if you are renovating, demonstrate how you made a cozy nest out of a “killed” apartment. Do you have a beauty blog? Show how with the help of competent makeup you can turn into a charming beauty. You can invite users to share examples from their lives on a selected topic.
  • This advice is somewhat similar to the previous one. Followers like to watch posts in the style of «Instagram VS Reality». It is important to use all of your sense of humor when creating these entries.
  • Have a giveaway. Sometimes you can ask participants to invite 1-2-3 friends by putting an @ symbol in front of their nicknames. Thus, unfamiliar users will come to you, who may well replenish the number of followers.
  • Reply to comments. If the person didn’t just click on the heart but wrote a few words under your post, they’ve wasted their time and would probably be happy to get some attention in return. You should not send the same type of answers (“thank you”, emoticon without words), at least to everyone. It is better to write a couple of detailed phrases, and possibly enter into a dialogue. Both the number of comments under the post and the loyalty of followers will increase.
  • Let the followers dream. For example, on a women’s page, a photo of a happy couple on a luxury yacht might be appropriate with the call: “Like if you want the same”, “tag someone you want to ride with like this”, etc. Or just invite subscribers to tell about their cherished desires.
  • Invite followers to write you messages in Direct in your stories and posts. And if you receive a message, don’t forget to reply.
  • Invite followers to bookmark posts. One call to action is not always enough. Create a useful post (guide, recipe, instructions) such as: How to clean white sneakers in 3 easy steps, How to make a broccoli and turkey dish in 10 minutes.
  • Sometimes create provocative posts. You can, for example, publish some unusual and unexpected point of view on a particular issue. For example, if a clothing store owner writes about how jeans are outdated cowboy clothes that are only good for herding cows, you might well see a spike in activity in the comments. And it is likely that some followers will not only express their opinion on this matter, but also order some goods.
  • Post links on Instagram to profiles on other social networks, and vice versa. This way you can attract, for example, followers from Facebook or Twitter to your account.
  • Ask followers about what topics they would like to see posts on in the near future. On the one hand, this will cause activity in the comments. On the other hand, you will definitely know that your content will be of real interest to people. In addition, this method helps to get new ideas for posts.
  • Invite followers to publish posts on their pages (perhaps in the format of short one-phrase reviews) mentioning you or any of your products, services, etc. You can then transfer them to your posts using the Repost application, and in stories — even without it. This phenomenon is called User Generation Content (content created by users).
  • Keep an eye out for new options and try to be one of the first to implement them. The audience on Instagram is very active. Account owners love to take advantage of new opportunities for posting content and communication.

What to do if there is not enough time?

Musicians should compose and perform songs, bloggers should create posts and videos, entrepreneurs should sell their products and services. There will be little time left for all this if you constantly spend it, engaging in communication with subscribers on social networks. But you can go the other way and order promotion on Instagram in our company. Bloggers and entrepreneurs can order packs of likes (views, followers, etc.) from us. In the meantime, our experienced specialists will help you reach the top on Instagram, you can devote your time to your favorite business.

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