Expand your brand reach with Instagram ads

Let’s be clear that Instagram primarily provides a platform for businesses, brands, creators, influencers, and other users to reach their audience. However, as the number of accounts and network traffic grows, this becomes more difficult to achieve due to increased competition.

This difficulty is the main reason why the photo and video sharing platform introduced the ads feature in 2015.

Instagram ad placement

Instagram ads are based on the same channels and processes as Facebook ads. Zuckerberg has always dreamed of bringing these companies together on social media.

However, many consider Instagram to be redundant and unnecessary. Those with this mindset are users who still think that IG is just a regular picture division.

Well, with over a billion users, Insta is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. So if you’re looking forward to increasing your reach and possibly your bottom line, you might want to consider Instagram ads.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Ads

  • Large Audience: As one of the fastest growing social media companies, you stand a chance of reaching a wider audience. What’s more, statistics show that active brands on Instagram average 1.46% follower growth.
  • Attention: Social media marketing brand attracts attention. There is no better way to get the attention of Gen-Z and Millenials than through Instagram.
    Let me take this opportunity to put aside this mind-blowing fact: for every 5 minutes a US citizen spends on their cell phone, one of those minutes is usually on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Market Power: These days, with the growth of advertising and business on Instagram, more users are discovering new products and services on the platform. Statistics show that about 75% of these users go so far as to visit said sites, like, comment and share posts.
    It’s safe to say that Instagram has become the main driving force influencing market value and prices.
  • Targeted Marketing: Instagram ads can reach a specific group of users. Depending on your brand, you may want to focus on people with specific locations, demographics, or behaviors.
    It is also possible to target ads to people who have interacted with your product/service at some point.
  • Impressive results: Figures from Instagram show that advertising results in more interactions and better marketing than other traditional online advertising methods.

How to create ads on Instagram?

To create an effective ad, you must go through several steps and processes to get it set up correctly. First of all, you must determine the main marketing goal.

This goal usually states what you hope to achieve by incorporating Instagram ads into your marketing strategy.

Sometimes choosing a marketing goal can also include defining your audience, creating a budget, placements, and schedules. And by now you should be able to define your marketing goal. Later in this guide, we will delve into the goals.

The next step is to assign a unique name to your advertising campaign. So, after you give it a name, you will have to create an ad or use one of your previous posts.

Using Facebook Ads Manager

There are usually two methods for creating Instagram ads. The first is through the application. But the more common approach is through Facebook Ads Manager. You can use the interface to create, edit, and manage ad campaigns, and this is the method we’ll be focusing on.

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you need to access your Facebook page and go to the top right side of the screen where you will find the dropdown arrow. Once you click on this arrow, you will see several options like Create Page, Manage Pages, etc.

One of the dropdown options is «Create Ads» where you can create new ads. Another option is «Ad Management» where you can manage all your campaigns.

Goals of Instagram Ads

  • Brand Awareness: This is one of the most important and specialized goals as it ensures that your ad reaches users who are likely to show a lot of interest. This way, the right people get to know more about your brand and products/services.
  • coverage. This goal is related to the frequency of your ads and the number of users who will see them. It is not specialized like the first goal, as the publication will be seen by both uninterested and interested accounts.
  • Traffic. It’s important to note that IG ads also serve as a direct link that can lead interested users and potential customers to your app through the app store or your website. This objective will potentially drive traffic to your URL that you provide when you create your campaign.
  • Engagement: This goal helps increase engagement with your post. These can be comments, reposts, likes, etc.
    It is best for promoting new posts or using existing posts for advertising. To promote an existing post on IG, you will need to do so through the app.
  • Video Views: This helps get more attention for videos about your product or service. This could be a product launch, building your product, etc.
  • App Installs: A traffic-driven goal that directs users directly to your app’s download page.
  • Lead Generation: This goal helps you collect relevant lead information from users who show interest in your brand. In order to use this objective, you will need to create a lead form when creating your campaign. Ads can only include fields such as email address, mobile contact, gender, and name.
  • Conversions: This goal is similar to app installs as it encourages people to take the next step on your website or app. You can also track conversions through Ads Manager or Facebook Pixel.
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