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How to make a giveaway on Instagram?

There are many ways to promote your IG account. The main thing is to attract the attention of the audience. It is necessary to attract new subscribers to the profile. Otherwise, the posts will go unnoticed. How to do it?


SMM promotion services: what is it and how to use it

Do you own a business and want to get into social media marketing? Then you need SMM services that will help increase sales, increase website traffic and make your company popular.


How to get more views on Instagram?

How to get more views on Instagram is the main question of platform influencers. The number of views, like other indicators, affects the number of promotional offers. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to increase the number of views on Instagram, share promotion tips and analyze the basic concepts related to the platform.


How to communicate with followers on Instagram to increase their activity?

The more active the followers in the Instagram account are, the faster it is promoted. Posts are increasingly coming to the top, which means that new and new followers naturally appear. This is especially true for owners of commercial accounts — entrepreneurs, bloggers, creative individuals.


A guide to increasing engagement on Instagram

According to statistics, 15% of humanity visits Instagram every day to read posts and view stories of idols — amazing, isn’t it? Therefore, if you own a business and want to increase the popularity of your company, Instagram is great for this.


Why do you need likes on Instagram?

All social media users have heard the word “like”. Beginners do not always know what Instagram likes give and how to get them? Like is a kind of “currency” of the social network, which makes it clear how much your content “reaches” the audience. If photos, videos, records, stories are interesting to the public, they collect thousands of likes.


Views on Instagram

As soon as Instagram introduced the option to add short videos up to 30 seconds long, the view rate immediately appeared. This means that users can see how many times a particular clip has been seen by the audience. When there are few impressions, the Instagrammer wants to increase them. How to do it?


Expand your brand reach with Instagram ads

Let’s be clear that Instagram primarily provides a platform for businesses, brands, creators, influencers, and other users to reach their audience. However, as the number of accounts and network traffic grows, this becomes more difficult to achieve due to increased competition.


The Biggest Fails on Instagram

Chances are you will spend a lot of time researching Instagram success stories. After all, you have to figure out how successful people are so that you can imitate their actions and enjoy the same success. While reading about successful strategies is important, you should also learn about Instagram failures.


Masslooking on Instagram - new opportunities for promotion

Masslooking is one of the methods of promoting stories on Instagram. Mass viewing of stories has become popular not so long ago. This article discusses in detail the main features of masslooking, as well as ways to promote on instagram.

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