A guide to increasing engagement on Instagram

According to statistics, 15% of humanity visits Instagram every day to read posts and view stories of idols — amazing, isn’t it? Therefore, if you own a business and want to increase the popularity of your company, Instagram is great for this.

There are many ways to promote on Instagram, but they all fall into 2 categories:

  • natural ways;
  • synthetic

The former are more likely to be free methods of promotion, the latter to paid ones. There are exceptions, but in this article we will look at them from that perspective. Let’s take the PR Motion promotion service as an example of artificial promotion. But first, we’ll take a look at how Instagram algorithms work and how they affect user engagement. We will also tell you how to increase engagement on Instagram through promotion methods.

Instagram Algorithms and Their Impact on Follower Engagement

Algorithms are a social network system that determines the interests of the user by his past actions: viewing certain posts, videos, stories, etc. As soon as you enter the application, the algorithms determine the following information:

  • how the news feed is sorted;
  • what posts appear in the Explore section;
  • How videos, Stories, IGTV and Live videos are displayed.

Understanding algorithms will elevate you in front of other influencers, because you will understand the main ally of Instagram content makers.

Optimal time and frequency of posting

Regular posting at the right time is the main key to success on Instagram. Your audience is active at different times, so find out what time your followers most often visit Instagram. We advise you to create a posting schedule so that you and the audience get used to it, and everyone is comfortable. Instagram algorithms prioritize new posts, so keep that in mind when scheduling.

Post when your followers are active — this is the best and most optimal time to post. The frequency of content depends on the frequency of audience activity: if subscribers often enter and leave the application, then you can forget about the frequency. If they come 2 times a day, combine the frequency with the optimal posting time.

Create "storable" content

Create content with the intention of encouraging subscribers to keep it. Instagram has the ability to save posts to view later, so use this to increase engagement. Saved content also encourages algorithms to better rank your profile and posts, giving you an edge over the competition.

Let followers ask questions in Stories

Instagram Stories allow you to ask your followers to ask you questions. You choose questions and answer them. It turns out an interactive publication and communication with subscribers. IG Stories are a great way to increase engagement on Instagram.

You can use Instagram Stories stickers to encourage followers to interact with your content. Emoji sliders, questions, countdowns, quiz and poll stickers can all help increase audience engagement. Use these stickers more often to increase engagement on Instagram.

Turn on Sharing for your Instagram stories

Instagram stories allow you to share photos and videos that you really want to show off. Instagram stories are worth more than regular posts. They are also notable for their short lifespan: the story will be deleted after 24 from the moment it was posted. To increase engagement on Instagram, turn on the Sharing feature.

Use Instagram Highlights

If Instagram stories are designed for 1 day of existence, then the “Save Album” allows you to save important stories to maximize audience engagement. Save stories in Instagram Highlights and count on increasing the loyalty of your followers.

Experiment with new types of content

Test new formats and ideas for content. This will give you valuable experience that will give you an advantage over other content makers. Trying to perfect your profile and hitting the bumps on your path to success are all an important part of becoming popular on Instagram. Only experimentation gives the best Instagram post ideas.

Analyze your success and improve it

If you have chosen content that helped you increase engagement on Instagram, improve it. Grow in the direction of this content and the topics that you have involved in creating posts.

Post less, but consistently

Instagram is not TikTok: active content makers are not valued here. The number of published posts should be reasonable. You cannot post once a week and thereby increase engagement. Conversely, you won’t achieve your goal by posting too much content. Be consistent.

Use the full length of the captions

When a post is published, the user can sign it. The description can be up to 2200 characters, so we recommend that you make full use of the space given to you. The purpose of your words is to grab the attention of users. For example, you can use catchy expressions or emoji.

Use Reels

Posting video content instead of text content is a good way to get users’ attention. However, using the Reels feature will increase engagement even more, as videos will take on new colors: adding effects, music, and the possibility of a little editing. The 30-second videos are similar to Tik Tok videos, which will attract additional attention.

Use emoji

Statistics show that:

  • Emoji are used by 50% of Instagram users in the captions of their posts.
  • Using emoji increases audience engagement by 50%.

Emotional emoticons increase audience loyalty, because the post acquires an emotional coloring that conveys the feelings of the author. The main thing is to use emoji correctly: in the right place and time.

An artificial method of promotion - using promotion to increase engagement on Instagram

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